A new hiring platform for assessing talent and connecting with professionals in the tech and games industries.

KatanaHR provides valuable tools and resources for all kinds of roles in the tech and games industries. Our assessments prepare skilled talents to meet specific job criteria and enable employers to access, screen, and contact them in the most pain-free way possible.

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Assess & track candidates the right way!

Customize your assessment pipeline with suggested screening questions & assignments designed for various roles in the games industry.

With Automated Answer Checking and Expert Review Services, KatanaHR reviews and advances candidates to the next stages seamlessly, saving hours of manual review time on your side.

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Showcase your skills!

Gain access to a library of assessments for all kinds of skills relevant in the tech and games industries. Complete assessments to practice your skills and build your portfolio.

Get ahead of your job application process when you have already completed the assessments chosen by the employer even before their job is posted. This means you'll be screened faster and can find a job sooner!

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